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Android weather channel widget not updating

There are plenty of fantastic apps available and ready for download like games, weather apps, health related apps, email apps, etc.. Since this issue occurs right after the update, then we are confident that some files are corrupted during the process.

Most of our widgets are blank, not anywhere near the content rich experience we see in the Apple Picture above.

This is another weird error that shows up on the i Phone while trying to open the News app.

A strange but true tip that seems to work for a lot of folks is toggling on “Bold Text” in the Display & Brightness setting. Go to Settings Once you have explored the notification settings of the widgets, Press the home button and wake/sleep button for 10 seconds or so and let your i Device restart.

Another oddball suggestion is to go to your regional settings and change your language and then change it back (I switch from U. Restarting the device often fixes your widget content problem in i OS 10 .

The most obvious reason for this issue is when your device experiences a system glitch or got some corrupt files after a software update or due to other apps. After clearing the cache and data the issue remained, then you can proceed and clear the system cache partition. I’ve got a Samsung S7 Edge phone and I’m having trouble opening the ‘Medicare express app’ on it.

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After reinstalling and launching the app, check if the widget functions normally.Several readers report success with this method, particularly for faulty News app widgets.

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But we discover that our widgets are completely blank…nothing.But, the most frustrating scenario is when you try to launch it and it just won’t or an error message appear on screen. The first thing that you can do it is to boot your device in Safe mode, it could be a third party causing the issue.Some of our readers experienced this issue and I will tackle it in this post. Just follow the steps below on how to do it:=The Safe mode will disable all third-party apps in your device, and run the only the pre-installed but, then you can observe your device if the error message still appears and we recommend to clear the cache and data of the weather app as well while in this mode.Passcode and enter your passcode Step – 2 On this screen you control how you can restrict access to information on the locked screen.There are four options under the section “Allow Access when Locked.” Step – 3 By switching off the “Today View” you can make sure that no one has access to your widgets on your locked screen without the right passcode.If you are having problems with installing i OS 10, or other app problems after installing i OS 10, Please check our step by step i OS 10 problem fixing guide.