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Advice dating after divorce children

Learn to Work with Your Ex If you don't get along with your ex, reframe the situation by thinking of him as a colleague you dislike, says Carter.

" Sometimes the source of his angst—not having the books or sports gear he wants at the other parent's house, for example—is a problem that can be easily fixed.2.

Think Quality Over Quantity "You have a lot of control over the relationship you have with your child," says Paris, "and intimacy isn't based just on the number of hours you spend with him." In fact, Paris recommends not getting too hung up on a perfectly even 50/50 split between both parents.

To help her son feel more in control, she gave him his own big calendar on which he stamps "Mommy" days with a dolphin and "Daddy" days with a shark.4.

Cope with Loneliness Time apart from your kids can be excruciatingly painful.

But what kids really need to thrive, you can provide: Basic resources, stability, and parents who set limits, who are attentive, and who express love.

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But to stay connected, her ex came by every day to take his son to school.In a move that earns them a co-parenting gold star, Paris and her ex shared Sunday dinner together with their son.3.

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Meet in person when making big decisions, if possible, and keep a picture of your children right in front of you to stay focused on your shared higher purpose.Don't forget to bring the friends you've been cultivating back into the fold when your kids are with you, adds Paris."Single moms can isolate and not ask for help, but it's great for kids to have relationships with other adults." Members of Paris's synagogue come over to the house regularly."I keep a running list of grievances on my computer," says Paris, "and by the time I talk to my ex, most of them no longer seem important enough to bring up."It's conventional wisdom by now to not disparage your ex in front of the kids, but that's easier said than done. When you call him a jerk, you're essentially calling her that," says Carter.Insulting and criticizing your ex won't get him to change his behavior anyway."It shows my son that he's part of a larger circle that cares about us."5.