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I clearly remember the older 2015 and earlier batches having a much longer lasting performance and silage requiring only a few sprays to last all day.

Vanuit haar beleving snapt niemand het en ik ben het prototype van een autist volgens haar.

Online shops offers: 8 items for 6.20 - 398.00 EURFragrance 3 items for 219.04 - 315.24 USDFragrance EUR 2 items for 288.36 - 359.62 EURFragrance 2 items for 349.99 - 436.49 USDView products...

Don't fall into the hype it used to deserve, this used to make an impact, now it swings and misses like an aged slugger.

Just remember it used to cost half as much and last twice as long.

Maybe it's overpriced, overhyped or whatever u say. most youtubers seems doing marketing for creed house. I got a sample and used it, NEVER got a single compliment, or. my face is like a teenager , i have my hair and no a single white one. you doing just marketing, try by yourself and nobody or just a less people than you think will appreciate your aventus on your body. aventus suks ( for that price ) Girls( 20- 40 years old) go crazy for versace eros, code profumo, stronger with you etc. Also mature woman don't like that manager serious approach, they in 2018 love younger approach that make they happy, warming, protected, vivacious.

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Correct me if i'm wrong: If you are not a businessmen or entrepreneur, suit and ties or gala event. (And the answer is yes, I have tested it and all I get is a conventional concept explored before). It definitely smells like smokey pineapple, but also smells a lot like freshly cut grass. It also has pretty decent longevity (5-8 hours) and sillage (a few feet for a few hours).

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I have other people telling me they can't smell it and have to dig their nose in to even get a hint.The finest ingredients were hand-selected for this composition, and father and son developed this provocative, masculine and optimistic fragrance as a joint effort.Top notes: blackcurrant, bergamot, apple and pineapple.personally, i tell them that i was on a business trip over seas, and bought the fragrance and that i dont have a reciept, but i have the batch number of the fragrance, and i have ended up with both deodorants and a new fragrance, because i wouldnt let it go.make them understand that they cant sell a faulty product. You can see the 'My Signature' rate constantly increasing beating YSL La Nuit d L'homme in Fight Night black and blue. 20 years old guys that wear this mature fragrance and spent 250 euros? oh sorry you blind bought this fucking juice and now you afraid?oh 300 euros fragrance ( and i am 32 years old ) to smells like a mature man ( and too serious ). The opening is nice and smells great but it makes a quick exit stage left.