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Sprint call log not updating

You can now toggle white space on and off when viewing or editing a file.

With this new view, you can quickly take action on items that require your input and stay up to date on conversations that are relevant to you.

Notifications can now be defined using conditions on custom fields and tags; not only when they change but when certain values are met.

A fork is a complete, server-side copy of a repository, including all files, commits, and (optionally) branches.

Forks are a great way to isolate experimental, risky, or confidential changes from the original codebase.

Read the documentation for forks for more information.

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Here are just a few examples of the key scenarios you will be able to configure using rules.Check out the documentation for custom rules for more information.

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Some of the other key feature highlights include: Work items can be filtered by typing a keyword, or using different fields such as work item type, assigned to, state, and tags.The most common direction will be from fork to upstream.The destination repository’s permissions, policies, builds, and work items will apply to the PR.After a fork has been created, new files, folders, and branches are not shared between the repositories unless a PR carries them along.You can create PRs in either direction: from fork to upstream, or upstream to fork.To turn on the minimap, open the Command Palette (F1 or right-click) and select Toggle Minimap.