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But he also said he would not be facilitating a free vote in Parliament on same-sex marriage should the survey come back with a no.

But earlier this week, Coalition MP Warren Entsch said: "If it comes back no, I reserve my right as a Liberal to call on a vote."If same-sex marriage is defeated in this Parliament, Labor has said it would legalise it should it win the next federal election.

Those who do share a view can be confident their response will be kept secret," ABS's deputy Australian statistician Jonathan Palmer said.

The result will be published by the ABS on November 15 and will include information on the gender and age breakdown, as well as how different state and federal electorates responded.

Qantas' groundbreaking flight that will travel directly between Perth and London will be named after Western Australia's iconic quokka.

Some people will be entitled to a paperless option in the survey, potentially including people who are going overseas, those with a disability and people who live in remote communities and Indigenous town camps."You'll have an option — you'll be able to go online and request that," Mr Palmer told the Senate committee.The ABS has not yet confirmed who will be eligible for the paperless option, or exactly what that option will be.

The ABS "strongly encourages" people to send their surveys back by October 27.The aircraft is undergoing final delivery in Seattle and is expected to arrive in Australia later this month, the publication reported.Qantas' next Dreamliner Skippy will also join Quokka later this year.Not much of a drinker but I'm no teetotaler either.A Non smoker who enjoys things just outside of mainstream, music, movies and "other". I have been single for 5 years , after my partner passed away.I love travelling to new and different places, trying new things and meeting new people.