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Outlook unread mail folder not updating

Here are examples of recipe modules you might want to use: The rc in procmailrc and in my recipe module names is a Unix naming convention that stands for either runtime configuration, runlevel change, or run commands (take your pick! Thanks to Richard Smith, the maintainer of, for telling me he thinks of rc as runtime configuration; Elmar Hinz for telling me he thinks of it as runlevel change; and Imperial College for FOLDOC, the Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing, for its definition and history of rc.

Searching Meta Note You can use this form to search the web, the Infinite Ink site, or the site (my blog) for information about Procmail (or about anything! Procmail-Related News Meta Note The Procmail-related news items that used to be posted here are now posted on my blog with the label PROCMAIL.

Procmail is free/libre open-source software that is both a mail processor and a mail delivery agent (MDA).

In 1999, I HTMLized it and turned it into this Procmail Quick Start.

In 2000, a revised version was published in the book Internet Secrets, 2nd Edition.

Please do not use or link to an outdated, unauthorized, or plagiarized version of this.

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This Procmail tutorial is aimed at regular users, not system administrators.In order to use these instructions, you need: the substrings Subject, testing, and procmail are each words and the substrings Subject:, mail, and test are not words.

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In 1995 it was published in the book Internet Secrets.The diagram below shows the relationship between words and substrings, namely: Every word is a substring but not every substring is a word.Since you need to look at the boundaries of a string to determine whether it is a word, the term word only makes sense when you are talking about a substring in the context of a larger string.If you know anyone who has stolen my writing or design, please tell and me.If you have a suggestion for a way to name & shame people who are plagiarizing and pirating, please tell me that too!For more about this, including problems caused by not using the defaults, see the Warnings () notes in Step 4 below. This, along with simplicity, will help to make your Procmail configuration portable and will make it easy to plug in, unplug, or reorder recipes.