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Galaxy s2 email widget not updating

Be sure to work with your email provider to check all account configurations properly before attempting another smartphone setup.

Hello, first of all, thanks for all the efforts you guys put on solving (or at least trying to solve) these problems. Since the Marshmallow update (I did it in 5-24-16), I can’t play the stations through the widget.

When trying so, the “Unable to reach Tune In” message shows in the widget.

I’ve tried erasing the cache as you guys propose but nothing changed. I’ve been using the Heads Off app to prevent the annoying heads up messages, but this app is not working anymore. If the info is not readily available, try checking the most recent reviews from S7 users to see if they’re having the same exact problem.

If they do, the problem is most probably due to incompatibility or poor coding.

The good thing about the situation is that your Gmail account works fine after setting it up, so that tells us there’s no phone-specific problem, like sync issues, happening.

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Emails work on all my other devices and on the google server I did have a security issue with my dreaming in color email when Nigerian hackers hacked the email and started phishing my contacts and sending my emails to the trash but my tech was able to fix this issue for everything but my smartphone. None of your basic solutions suggested we found online are working. We can’t just provide a solution after you tell us that you are unable to install two emails.

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However, when i try to use the Google pop3 email service, i enter all the same info and both of them works perfectly. If the email in question is a Gmail account, POP feature is most probably disabled for this account.The issue with the two emails may have something to do with their security configuration.There may be security safeguards put in place by your email provider that prevents them from being setup to a smartphone.I have two Gmail business app emails that I can no longer install into my S7: [email protected]@When I try to install them it says no connection to server.It shows it is trying to sync but just does not sync and the message says “sync is down”. Just where I am using a different server and the Gmail business app not working. We need some specific information from you in order to pinpoint where the problem lies.We obviously cannot confirm if this is the case with the two accounts.