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Dating software v7 2 scripts

Important note: as the DVD image file size is suggesting, these files are too large to fit a single CD and should instead be burnt onto a writable DVD disk.

Writing the file as any other data file will surely fail.

Moreover, as indicated on page Creating a Doudou Linux USB key, you can use these DVD image files to create a Live USB device and boot Doudou Linux from an USB storage device (USB key or disk) instead of a DVD.

Doudou Linux is available in two flavors named “stable” and “development” plus “dailybuilds” that are unofficial snapshots of the development version.

The stable version is the one that is tested and validated enough to be used by anyone without a second thought.

You only need a Bittorrent client that correctly handles web seeds – not all do this.

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These builds should run on Pentium I or older processors (down to 486).

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It is built for ARM™ v4 and is not very efficient for modern ARM™ processors.However, except for Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese from Taiwan and Mexican Spanish, there is currently no translation work for the language variants, only the main language is being worked (but of course you can decide to start the translation work by yourself). For example the Serbian DVD is shipping with Serbian Cyrillic as the default and Serbian Latin as a variant available.Note that Brazilian Portuguese is a DVD on its own because it is important for this language to be available as the main language without any user action.The full version of Doudou Linux is freely available for download without any use restrictions!If you like our work and want to support our project, you can later freely decide to make a donation or visit our online shop.Since Doudou Linux 2.0, the USB device can be used as a standard storage device afterwards, you are just loosing on your device the space required to store DVD image files.