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God dating relationships slowly

To the degree that we do not like ourselves, we cannot receive, we can only take.

Indeed, the root of the Hebrew word, ahavah, love, is hav, to give. When we lust after someone or something, our interest is purely selfish in our desire to feel complete.

When we love, however, our focus is on how we can express our love, and give to the other person.

When we take, however, we do so in an attempt to fill a void -- leaving us still empty, and forced, once again, to take in a vain attempt to feel complete.

Such behavior only reinforces our dependency, and continues to exhaust us emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Alternatively, this person may cater to others because he so craves their approval and respect, but he does not take care of his own needs (a product of the doormat mentality).

Emotionally healthy people generally have positive relationships.Conversely, those who don't seem to get along with anyone are often emotionally unstable.

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This behavior illuminates the source of all negative emotions and interpersonal conflicts.The ego swells in both scenarios and neither situation boosts self-esteem.Through this paradigm we learn how to tell if someone has high or low self-esteem.Our self-esteem has a direct impact on the quality of our relationships.To the degree that we lack self-esteem, we cannot love ourselves fully.A healthy sense of self-esteem endows us with the ability to give.